Top tips to optimise Facilities Managers LinkedIn profiles

Published on: 28 Apr 2016

LinkedIn now has over 300 million users across the globe. While this may not be as many as Facebook, it has without doubt made itself the social media platform of choice for the business world. It’s a great tool for building connections and obtaining market intelligence. For job seekers, it’s a vital part of the job hunting approach.

Use a photo

Whilst you should never include a photo in a CV, it is very important you do include one with LinkedIn... Your photo should ideally be a head and shoulders shot. Use a photo showing a relaxed, natural smile; you want strike the right balance between formal and casual.

Use a background image

Like all websites, LinkedIn is a highly visual experience; including a background photo will give your profile more originality and personality. Choose something that will contrast well with the colours and design of the profile. It doesn’t have to be related to your profession.

Write in first person

Although CVs should be written in third person, with LinkedIn it is imperative to write in first person. You are having a conversation with the reader; address them as if you were face-to-face. For the same reason it is better to write in short paragraphs and avoid bullet points. Paragraphs sound far more natural.

Optimise the professional headline and summary

These are often the first thing someone sees when searching for your profile so they have to be accurate, enticing and clear.  The headline is optimised by LinkedIn for search terms so be sure to align your headline to industry recognised terms.


Profile visibility is key. In the ‘privacy’ section make your profile available to everyone. In the ‘profile viewing options’ make ‘your name and headline’ is tagged so you can see the people who viewed your profile. You can then introduce yourself.

Ask for recommendations

Recommendations look good as they are third party endorsements of your expertise. Try to get at least one or two for each of your most recent roles. Most people will be only too flattered to be asked. Recommendations are all in the public domain so you can use snippets of these to enhance your CV too.

Search for jobs

To do this, in the search field you should select the ‘jobs’ option and then use the key words that are most relevant for the type of job you are looking for. Make sure you connect with relevant groups and employers that you would like to work for. Always look to increase your network.

Be active and up-to-date

Check in to LinkedIn at least once per day. It’s also imperative that your profile is up-to-date and dovetails with your CV. Remember, when an employer looks at your CV, they are likely to go to LinkedIn next; make sure they are both presenting a consistent story.

Certifications and memberships

You should include Membership of the BIFM and any other related facilities, property management or building maintenance certifications or qualifications. According to LinkedIn, profiles with certificates get double the page views.

This article is written by Neville Rose, Director of CV Writers. If you need help with your CV or LinkedIn profile CV Writers are the official partner to FM World Jobs and provide a CV writing service.